The purpose of Sunday School is to teach our children how to live their Orthodox faith. By teaching them about the life of Christ, we give them the foundation to live Christian lives, to go out into the world and share their faith and do good works. The Sunday School also does a number of charitable works. The Sunday School offers a nursery and classes from pre-school through high school.


Let us know if you can help with any of the following:  fundraising, youth service projects, Blessings in a backpack coordinator, Coffee Hour hosting coordinator or being a room parent for your child's class.  We also need help tracking Diakonia hours and helping our youth during Coffee Hour shifts.  Many hands make light work!  Contact Despina Demas via e-mail DemasDespina@outlook.com  THANK YOU!

A Message from Annunciation Sunday Church School 2018-2019

Sunday School begins with the Divine Liturgy at 10:00 a.m.

All children and families are encouraged to attend the Divine Liturgy


1st through 12th Grades

  • Sunday School begins with the Divine Liturgy at 10:00 a.m., followed by class instruction immediately after Holy Communion.
  • Students meet their teachers in church and sit by class in designated pews for the Divine Liturgy
  • Altar boys enter the Altar from the soleas doors
  • Students 1st through 12th grade will walk with their teachers to their classrooms directly after receiving Holy Communion
  • Father James and Father Timothy are requesting Altar boys receive Holy Communion first so they may hang up their robes and get to class in a timely manner
  • If you have not registered your child(ren) registration forms will be available online and with teachers

Nursery, Preschool, Kindergarten

  • Children meet in their respective classrooms at 10:00 am
  • Teachers will take them into church to receive Holy Communion
  • Children will return to their classrooms soon after.

Sundays with no Class

These are the Sundays that are generally fall on Holiday weekends or special occasions such as Food Festival, Sunday after Thanksgiving etc.
Children and parents are encouraged to attend the Divine Liturgy and worship together as a family.

We will not have class instruction on

  • 10/6 -Sacramento Food Festival
  • 12/1 - Sunday after Thanksgiving
  • 12/22- Christmas Break
  • 12/29 - Christmas Break
  • 2/16- FDF
  • 4/19 - Great and Holy Pascha


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.


Despina Demas

Calendar & Registrations Forms

Sunday School Staff 2019-2020 

Grade Teacher Classroom #
Nursery Kristin Steele
Marina Podoreanu
Preschool Ellen Martin
Maria Demas Verrios (Asst.)
Cindy Kazanis (Asst.)
Kindergarten Rusetta Fotos
Nicki Hansen
Grade 1-2 Nikki Avdis 2209
Grade 3-4 Kristen Kane
Vicki Meers
Grade 5-6 Lisa Harr 2203 - Conference Room
Grade 7-8 Jennifer Christensen 2202 - Library
High School Nick Rotas
Niko Wilk (Asst.)
1st Floor Conference Room
Philanthropic Service Projects Tammy Petsalis
Carol Rotas
Substitute Teachers Vivian Cazanis
Kathy Fotopoulos
Koula Fotopoulos
Lindsey Kivetos
Stella Norris
Denise Perinati
Tammy Petsalis
Christina Rotas
Jim Vallas
Kristen Vathis
Donna Wagner


The start of Sunday School is kind of a "New Year" with hopeful resolutions for a shift back into "The Spiritual Lane." Here's a marvelous list that I believe will be quite helpful to you parents since you, of course, want your children get the most out of Sunday School.

1. Encourage your child to develop friendships at Sunday School. One of the strongest benefits the church provides your family is an extended "family" of both adult and childhood friends who support positive Christian values.

2. Be consistent in bringing your child to Sunday School so that he or she will benefit from the Orthodox instruction. Children are surrounded by influences which are often in conflict with the real truth of life. Sunday School is the place and time where the good values and understandings YOU want your kids to have are reinforced. 

3. Cultivate friendships with your child's teachers. Your support helps teachers do an even better job! And besides, this gives you another important friendship as well.

4. Watch for and talk with your child about the take-home materials provided each week. Just a few minutes of informal conversation at home can help tremendously to reinforce and apply the Truths your child has studied. And we parents usually learn something from these as well! Ask a few questions about the Sunday School lesson to see what your child remembers and understands and talk about how the lesson might apply to experiences at home or in the neighborhood. During the week look for ways to connect a recent lesson or story to specific situations. For example, while watching TV, ask how a character's action compares with those of a person in a Bible story.

 “Study to Show Thyself Approved Unto God.” (2 Timothy 2:15)